What are replacement parts

Most engine manufacturers depend on other manufacturers to build an engine. Turbos, cooling water pumps, coolers, filters, drive belts, impellers, anodes, etc. are not made by the engine manufacturer. In some cases, the entire engine is not even manufactured by the brand.

Many parts can be purchased directly from the original part manufacturer. Ultimately, it is the same part sold by the engine manufacturer, made in the same factory, by the same people and engines, but not supplied by the engine manufacturer. The big advantage is that these parts have a much lower price than the original product.

Some parts are shielded, which means that the manufacturer of the part and the engine manufacturer agree that the manufacturer supplies the part only to the engine manufacturer. For some of these parts we have chosen qualitatively comparable or even better parts from other leading manufacturers.

Of course there is a cheaper replacement part for every engine part, but the quality is not always comparable. You will not find those parts in our webshop. We will recommend the original part if we cannot provide a replacement part with at least the same quality.

The same goes for lubricants and fluids. None of the engine manufacturers own a refinery where they make their own oil or coolant. That’s why we also offer the best lubricants and oil replacements for these categories.

How do we know this? We have been working on marine and industrial engines in our sister company for years MI Engineering.

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